A great evening in Florida Retiro

La terraza de Florida Retiro

Last Tuesday, Florida Retiro held one of the most exclusive meetings for the gastronomic press in Spain. It was all about the official presentation of La Terraza. Brandelicious had assembled the most well respected journalists so they all could enjoy the unique sorroundings and try part of their gastronomic proposal, crafted by Joaquín Felipe.

Madrid’s hot summer was kind enough to hide for one evening, and the day showed a nice warm temperature. Soft wind blew between the El Retiro’s trees. As everyone could witness, the incredible views and the nature around the space are one of the most valuable things La Terraza can offer.

Among all the delicious food proposals, the most celebrated dishes where the salmon bocadito, the pastrami delights, the ceviche, the bao of cochinita pibil, the steak tartar or the croquettes.

In short, everything resulted in an authentic and fun summer evening, with which we hope you have enjoyed.

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